Wellness Days: Saturday 3 Feb & Sunday 11 Feb

The whole family’s Vitality Health Checks, including Kids Vitality Health Check, Vitality Fitness Assessment and Dietitian Assessments can be conveniently completed by appointment under one roof in our holistic and caring environment.

Call and make appointments for your family for these days or for bookings on an alternate date and time.

Adults and kids Vitality Health Checks & Vaccinations

Vitality Health Check for adults: Sr Christine
Tel: 010 072 5999
Cell: 082 771 2402

The health check consists of: Cholesterol, Glucose tests, Body measurements and BMI, a Non- Smoking Declaration, Life Style Evaluation for Vitality Age, Confidential VCT for HIV. Results and accounts will be submitted to Vitality.

(Benefits and points may change during the course of 2018. Members will be advised by Vitality)

Kids Vitality Health Check (for 2 – 18 years): Sr Christine

Check and record according to age and gender: body measurements and BMI, milestones, growth, health, behaviour and development. Results will be submitted to Vitality

Vaccinations (on request to ensure availability of vaccine): Flu vaccination (WHO recommended strains for the current year’s winter influenza season), Pneumococcal vaccination against pneumonia, Zoster vaccine against Shingles, HPV vaccination against Cervical Cancer-inoculation. Confirmation will be sent to Vitality.

The doctors are available for consult after your tests, inoculations or for further medical queries. Sr Christine will assist with making an appointment.

Vitality Fitness Assessment

Tel: 011 656 2450
Morné: 084 446 7788
Chavah: 084 402 9701

Experienced bio kineticists will guide you through the two-part Vitality Fitness Assessment:

  1. Cardio-vascular fitness
  2. Strength and flexibility.

You will be advised what you could do to get fitter and stronger. Results will be submitted to Vitality.

(Benefits and points may change during the course of 2018. Members will be advised by Vitality).

Vitality Nutrition Assessment

Leanne: 083 230 8101
Luanne: 082 459 4404
Justine: 082 854 0334

The Dietitians will do the Vitality Nutrition Assessment and report and advise how this helps you know what your body’s nutritional requirements are. You will be advised what your goals should be and how to attain them.

(Benefits and points may change during the course of 2018. Members will be advised by Vitality)

Vitality Points Earned

(Subject to Vitality’s yearly benefits and points protocols)

  • Vitality Health Check / Vitality Age: up to 20 000 points (including HIV Test – 5000 points).
  • Flu vaccination: 6 months to 60 years: 1000 points. Over 60 years – 2000 points.
  • Pneumococcal vaccination (against pneumonia): Over 60 years – 1000 points.
  • Shingles vaccination (Zoster): Over 60 years – 1 000 points.
  • HPV vaccination (Cervical Cancer vaccination): Females 9 to 25 years – 1000 points.
  • Vitality Fitness Assessment: 2500 points just for doing the assessment, up to 5000 additional points depending on your level of fitness.
  • Vitality Nutrition Assessment: up to 5000 points for doing a Vitality Nutrition Assessment, 1000 Vitality points for a weight assessment and 4000 bonus points if you are at your goal weight.
Published on January 30, 2018