The Manor Medical Vitality Wellness Centre: Happy First Birthday!

Find us in the West Wing

After a few minor hiccups, Manor Medical Vitality Wellness Centre has grown in leaps and bounds offering an efficient, all under one roof, centre for your Vitality Health Check, VCT/HIV, Verified Weigh-in, Fitness Assessment, Dietitian Visits and Vaccinations.

Its child friendly environment encourages more parents to bring their children in for their Vitality Checks.

Our 6am early morning opening time allows members to have Vitality Checks and Vaccinations before going to work or school.

To further assist members that are unable to visit the Centre during the week, a Saturday Wellness Day is held once a month. Dates are posted on our Facebook page and will be listed on the website. Bookings are essential for time allocation for the health check, fitness assessment and dietician visit. The Wellness Saturdays are very well attended, early booking is advised.

The 2018 Flu Vaccination Campaign was extremely successful and as a result of this, more 60+ year old members have had Shingles and Pneumonia vaccinations in the centre, earning more points.

These are not only available to Vitality members visiting the centre, but VCT/HIV testing, Flu Shots, Adult Vaccinations and travel innoculations and malaria tablets are available to all.

The Manor Medical Travel Clinic relocated to the Vitality Wellness Centre. Welcome to the West Wing Sr Carol!

2019 is knocking on the door! May it be a good one.

Vitality status and points

The status you achieve this year is the status you will carry over for the whole of next year.

Every year your points reset to zero and you have the opportunity to start earning them again – the perfect motivation to keep getting healthier year after year.

Do your 2018 checks and earn Vitality points to carry forward your optimal status for 2019.

Have you earned the maximum amount of 30 000 physical fitness points?

Reached Gold status?

Need a third Gold status to achieve or maintain your Diamond status?

You can’t get to Gold Vitality status with physical activity alone.

You cannot achieve Diamond status without having Gold status for 3 consecutive years.

You must do your Vitality Health Checks, maintain physical fitness and eat healthy to earn the points

A. The Vitality Health Check
This check is made up of five measures – blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, a BMI assessment which includes weight, height, and waist circumference, and signing a non-smokers declaration (includes an HBA1C test and full lipogram when indicated).

Points earned: Up to 20 000 Vitality points depending on how many results are in range.

A VCT/HIV test done with the Vitality Health Check earns an additional 5 000 Vitality points. Points are awarded for doing the test. The allocation of points is not based on your status, which remains confidential. Status is disclosed in private to the patient only.

B. The Vitality Fitness Assessment
This assessment measures your fitness level and is made up of two parts – your cardiovascular fitness level and your strength and flexibility. After this assessment, the bio-kineticist will inform you on what you need to focus on to get stronger and fitter.

Points earned: 2 500 Vitality points for the visit and up to an additional 5 000 Vitality points depending on your fitness level.

C. Dietitian Visit
Along with a healthy lifestyle comes healthy eating. Visit a dietitian for assistance on starting a healthier diet or maintaining it.

Points earned: 1 000 Vitality points for a visit to the Dietitian.

Total points: For completing the 3 assessments you can earn up to 33 500 points for each member over 18 years old.

Kids Vitality Health Checks (younger than 18 years)

Kids Vitality Health Check is an assessment which identifies any potential developmental issues your child may face. Earn 500 points per child.

The aims of the Vitality Child Health Assessment:

  • Identify risky behaviour such as unhealthy eating and too little physical activity in children
  • Assess if children are overweight or obese
  • Check for other health problems such as hypertension
  • Advice on nutrition, sedentary behaviour and physical activity
  • Encourage your child to look after their bodies, stay active, and be mindful of healthy habits.


Age specific vaccinations for Discovery members 60 years and older, to earn more points, includes flu vaccinations, Shingles vaccinations and Pneumococcal vaccinations.

HPV – Having a Human Papilloma Virus vaccination may earn Vitality points.

Do your checks, assessments, vaccinations at Manor Vitality Wellness Centre and Manor Travel Clinic. We are always happy to have you visit. Contact us for assistance and for your appointment bookings.

Vitality Centre:
Contact Sr Christine
Tel: 010 072 5999 or 082 771 2402

Travel Clinic:
Travel Clinic appointments and information
Contact Sr Carol S.R.N.
Tel: 011 797 6901 or 093 384 7379

Published on December 10, 2018