It’s Janu-woo-rry, it’s back to school

A question many parents around the globe ask every year: “Is my little one ready for their first day at school and are my kids ready to face the new school year?”  

Going back to school after the long summer holiday means uniforms, books and stationery, getting the kids up, fed, dressed and out of the door on time, planning their academic calendar, encouraging them to participate in sport and extra mural activity and – don’t forget – lunch boxes! 

It’s also a time when you should pay close attention to their health.

Despite their resilience and ability to bounce back, school-aged children are at increased risk for infections and illnesses – simply because they’re in daily contact with a number of other children.

So, what can you do to ensure your child is ready for the new school year?

Do your Kids’ Vitality Health Checks as part of your preparation for the year ahead.

The Kids Vitality Health Check is available for kids between two and 18 years, and measures growth: height, weight and other important lifestyle and development factors that can help you understand the status of your child’s health.

  1. Growth
    This is an indication of your child’s general health and nutrition. By monitoring these, any changes in growth patterns over the long term can be identified as indicators of problems including sudden, severe illness, chronic illness such as asthma or early signs of genetic conditions.
  2. Development assessment
    This is essential in understanding a child’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. When development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognition, language, and social and emotional development is on track. you are reassured of a child with good overall wellbeing. Where problems are detected an early referral can take place.
  3. Don’t hesitate, vaccinate
    The main health concerns for school-aged kids, is the need to make sure their kids’ shots are up to date at the start of the school year. Immunisation remains a cornerstone of healthcare in childhood, and all children and adolescents should be immunised at the right time to prevent illness and disease outbreaks.

  4. Get kids active
    Physical activity cannot be overemphasised – most children are just not active and moving enough. Keep your kids healthy by encouraging them to participate in sports, and enjoy doing physical activities as a family as often as you can.
  5. Ensure good nutrition
    Make your child’s packed lunch the envy of all their friends, Cover the basics but keep things interesting, in so doing you directly shape the kids’ health and learning while establishing lifetime wellness habits.
  6. Wellness
    Reinforce to children, families and community that students’ health and well-being are valued. Healthy, active children grow into healthy active adults.

Book your Vitality Kid’s Health Check at Manor Vitality Centre now.

Sr Christine
010 072 5999 or 082 771 2402

By completing the Kids Vitality Health Check at Manor Vitality Wellness Centre you earn up to 500 points.

Wellness Centre and what are some of the services on offer?

(Benefits and points may change during the course of 2018. Members will be alerted by Vitality)

  • Vitality Health Check:up to 20,000 points. HIV Test: 5,000
  • Flu vaccination:6 months – 60yrs: 1,000 points. Over 60yrs- 2,000 points
  • Pneumococcal vaccination (against pneumonia)Over 60yrs – 1,000 points
  • Shingles vaccination:Over 60yrs – 1,000 points
  • HPV vaccination (Cervical Cancer vaccination): 9- 25yrs-1000 points
  • Vitality Fitness Assessment:2,500 just for doing the assessment; up to 5,000 additional points depending on your level of fitness.

Vitality Health Check: Contact Sr Christine
010 072 5999 or 082 771 2402

Vitality Fitness Assessment: Contact Morné
011 656 2450 or 084 446 7788

Vitality Fitness Assessment: Contact Chavah
084 402 9701

Vitality Dietician Assessment:
Justine – 082 854 0334
Leanne – 083 230 8101;
Luanne – 082 459 4404

Published on January 8, 2018