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Manor Medical Centre

Manor Medical Centre provides holistic, quality medical care for the whole family. Established in 1990, we’ve expanded into a multi-disciplinary service. The trust that our patients have had in the centre has allowed us to focus not just on symptoms, but on the treatment of our patients as a whole. Care is the central tenet at Manor Medical Centre. Our distinctive therapeutic care aims to provide superior medical treatment, promote healthy habits and provide regular follow-up.

Community-based convenience is catered for at Manor Medical Centre. We’ve grouped together a range of select services that are all linked. This enables you to complete your treatments in a one-stop environment with professionals that have superior medical support and treatment as their guiding principles. All of the services are provided by highly skilled professionals who operate according to the highest standards of clinical governance resulting in the best quality care for you and your family.


At Manor Medical Centre we have the long-term best interests of our patients at heart. The core values that guide the Centre’s operation are integrity, respect, collaboration and responsibility. Our holistic grouping of services ensures that you will receive well-rounded multi-disciplinary medical attention. Serving the broader community, Manor Medical Centre is always accessible with a 24 hour emergency service provided by Kahanovitz and Kadish (General Practioners), every day of the year. Our reliable services are also within reach no matter where in the world you may be traveling.


Reminder!! For all those travelling during the holiday season – check your destination’s health requirements with Sister Carol at the Manor Medical Travel Clinic 011 797 6901