Let Manor Medical’s Vitality Wellness Centre take care of all your health requirements

Remarkably, we’re heading towards the end of the year and foremost on everyone’s mind is how to enjoy the festive season without draining our finances and to look ahead to the new year. As important, however, is our obligation to ourselves to look after our well-being, the that of our family and to make sure we’re up to date with all aspects of our health requirements.

Manor Medical is delighted to announce that we’ve launched our Vitality Wellness Centre.

Now you are able to attend to all of your health and wellness requirements under one roof in our holistic and caring environment including your Vitality Health Checks, Vitality Wellness Assessments and Vaccination Programmes!

Vitality Health Check: Sr Christine
Our skilled Nurse, Sister Christine, is available to perform all the necessary Vitality Health Check tests, including HIV/AIDS and the Non- Smoking Declaration. She’ll also administer vaccinations –such as inoculations against flu, shingles or pneumonia. She will also assist with submitting your results so that you’re able to claim your points and increase or maintain your Vitality Status.

Kids Vitality Health Check (for under 18yrs):  Sr Christine
Sr Christine also performs the Kids Vitality Health Check and will assist you with completing the relevant forms and submitting the results. You could be adding points if the children are registered on Vitality.

Vitality Fitness Assessment:  Morné and Chavah
To make sure you’re in good shape, Morné and Chavah, our experienced bio kineticists, will guide you through the Vitality Fitness Assessment and ensure that all results are submitted to Vitality for points.

How many Vitality points can you receive from visiting Manor Medical Vitality Wellness Centre and what are some of the services on offer?

(Benefits and points may change during the course of 2018. Members will be alerted by Vitality)

  • Vitality Health Check:up to 20,000 points. HIV Test: 5,000
  • Flu vaccination:6 months – 60yrs: 1,000 points. Over 60yrs- 2,000 points
  • Pneumococcal vaccination (against pneumonia)Over 60yrs – 1,000 points
  • Shingles vaccination:Over 60yrs – 1,000 points
  • HPV vaccination (Cervical Cancer vaccination): 9- 25yrs-1000 points
  • Vitality Fitness Assessment:2,500 just for doing the assessment; up to 5,000 additional points depending on your level of fitness.

Vitality Health Check: Contact Sr Christine
Tel: 010 072 5999; 082 771 2402

Vitality Fitness Assessment: 
Contact Morné
Tel: 011 656 2450; 084 446 7788

Vitality Fitness Assessment: 
Contact Chavah
Tel: 084 402 9701

Open Monday to Saturday. 
Closed Wednesday afternoon.
Contact our Wellness Centre today to book your appointment and let Manor Medical be your first choice in holistic health and wellness management for the whole family.

Published on November 20, 2017