Infusion & Vitamin Drip Clinic

We provide medically-prescribed infusions for patients in a comfortable, patient friendly environment while maintaining the highest standards of Covid-19 compliance.

Jet Fuel
All the essential ingredients in an IV cocktail that acts as an immediate boost on many levels to reduce fatigue and increase vitality, for Jet Lag, hangover and to maintain good health and wellness.

Sports Cocktail
Designed for those with an active lifestyle, to boost and sustain energy, enhance performance and assist with recovery.

Meyers Cocktail
Energy Enhancement, Anti-Aging & General Wellbeing.

High Dose Vtamin C
Indicated for growth and repair of all tissues in your body, as an anti-oxidant to influence collagen synthesis and can boosts immunity and assist in wound healing and repair.

Ferinject is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency.

Aclasta Infusion
Inhibits the release of calcium from bones and is used to treat Osteoporosis.

Anti-Aging Glutathione IV 200mg
A powerful antioxidant used for its detoxifying and protective, rejuvenating and vitamin C properties.

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